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A Look at Some of the Latest E-Cig Chargers at Wholesale Prices

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In a short period of time, technology has created some impressive advancements in the functionality and capabilities of e-cigarettes and vaporizers. It is likely that your retail shelves are stocked with various options that promise everything from safer heat source to longer battery life. Plus, the range of e-liquid flavors, levels of nicotine, and look and feel of the devices continues to diversify.

The business of wholesale e-cig supplies has tracked these advancements to find the newest products and features at a cost effective price for our vendors.

Industry Growth Driving Innovation

It is officially a $26.67 billion dollar industry, and retailers that want a bigger piece of this market share must be in turn to customer wants and needs. What customers want is the latest products. Around the world, from Kentucky to Indonesia, vaping customers continue to be interested in purchasing the latest and greatest e-cigarette or vaporizer. However, one question for retailers to consider, is whether as the range of devices continues to grow, are you ensuring the accessories you purchase as wholesale e-cig supplies and have for sale in your shop equally versatile, reliable, and up to date?

The e-cigarettes itself is seen as the most integral part of the vaping experience. Those who are passionate about the industry can spend hours rehashing the positive characteristics of one brand versus another. However, chargers and other accessories are, quite literally, powering the industry. We recommend two lines of chargers, both available through wholesale e-cig supplies, to add to your shelves.

The Efest Pro C Line

The line of Efest Pro C chargers is fantastic for giving your customers versatility. The company offers the chargers in three sizes, Pro C1, Pro C2, and Pro C4, and each can be found at prices for wholesale e-cig supplies. Skipping Pro C3 was not a mistake, the number in each charger name indicates how many e-cigarettes the device can charge at a given time. For example, the Pro C1 only charges a single battery, but the Pro C4 can charge up to four simultaneously.

Of course, as the number of e-cigarette batteries the charger can support goes higher, the price increases slightly as well. However, your customers will be clamoring for this charger as it has thoughtful features, such as the ability to charge at different amperages and reverse battery protection all while remaining compact. When you order this charger from wholesale e-cig supplies companies, you are getting a high quality product that is ready for retail.

Smok Intelligent Charger

The other e-cigarette charger that has garnered special attention recently among other wholesale e-cig supplies, is the Smok Intelligent Charger. Not only can it charge four batteries at a time, but it was designed for versatility and can charge multiple different types of batteries. This makes the Smok Intelligent Charger particularly interesting to end users who have vaporizers or e-cigarettes from different manufacturers.

Similar to the Efest Pro C line, the Smok Intelligent Charger can refuel batteries at various amperages with an LCD display. However, there is one impressive difference about the Smok Intelligent Charger, it comes with a car charger for recharging your vaporizer while on the move.

You do not want to miss adding these impressive chargers to your retail store, and right now you can purchase them as wholesale e-cig supplies from Kingdom Vapor. Visit our wholesale store for more information on pricing, functionality, and bulk purchasing.

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