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Posted by JDH on

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Kingdom Vapor’s Most Popular Vape Juice Lines

Are you a vape retailer looking to buy new flavors of juice for your shop? If you are, and are unsure of what flavors to purchase, consider some of Kingdom Vapor’s most popular flavors. Kingdom Vapor offers the best vape juice wholesale products! These delectable flavors will surely be coveted at your shop.King of the Cloud [...]

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The Sweetest E Liquid Wholesale Flavors

It’s a given that many of the people visiting your vape store will be looking for sweet tasting juice. Thankfully, you can now be sure that you are stocking the best, sweetest varieties of juice out there. There are tons of different wholesale e liquid flavors available here at Kingdom Vapor that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. [...]

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Looking to update your sample station?

We all know how important a sample station can be; with so many flavors on the market, it is nearly impossible to determine which "Strawberry Milk" is going to be the best for your palate without trying what is available. These days, we see a range of different products in sample stations - Anything from [...]

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New Products and Restocks 8/9

Innokin’s Oceanus Kit is the newest innovation from Innokin, who is known for the quality of their devices. The Oceanus is powered by a single 20700 battery and pushes a full 110W of power. With the Innokin Scion Tank on top, customers will experience better flavor and vapor production than the Baby Beast and many [...]

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Kingdom Vapor’s Newest Vape Wholesale Products

Looking for some new vape products to stock at your shop:? Here at Kingdom Vapor, we are always working to provide the newest and best wholesale vaping supplies. We want you to have the best options available to sell at your store! We are always looking for the best new items to add to the vast [...]

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A Look at Some of the Latest E-Cig Chargers at Wholesale Prices

In a short period of time, technology has created some impressive advancements in the functionality and capabilities of e-cigarettes and vaporizers. It is likely that your retail shelves are stocked with various options that promise everything from safer heat source to longer battery life. Plus, the range of e-liquid flavors, levels of nicotine, and look [...]

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Build Your Wholesale Vaping Supplies Order Around Upselling Strategies

The demand for vaping supplies has wildly grown across all customer segments over the past decade and many small business owners are happy to supply their demand. Many vape stores carry the products their customers ask for, but few have strategic processes in place to sell items their customers didn’t initially intend to buy. Successful [...]

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Adding Sub Ohm Tanks to Your Wholesale Order Will Generate More Sales of Complementary Products

Sub Ohm tanks have replaced RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers) and RTAs (rebuildable tank atomizers) as the must-have component for vapor enthusiasts. They have made it possible to achieve huge, flavorful clouds without all the hassle of building your own coils or dealing with drip tips. Retailers have happily noticed that the demand among consumers for [...]

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Kingdom Vapor Challenges PA Vapor Product Tax

Family run Clarion Small Businesses, Kingdom Vapor INC. and Smoke 4 Less, LLC, file suit against the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue challenging the e-cigarette wholesale and floor tax.        Butler, PA, 12/20/2016: The Oesterling family, small business owners of Kingdom Vapor and Smoke 4 Less, LLC, a wholesale company and retail shop for vaping products located in Clarion [...]

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