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Kingdom Vapor’s Most Popular Vape Juice Lines

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Are you a vape retailer looking to buy new flavors of juice for your shop? If you are, and are unsure of what flavors to purchase, consider some of Kingdom Vapor’s most popular flavors. Kingdom Vapor offers the best vape juice wholesale products! These delectable flavors will surely be coveted at your shop.

King of the Cloud Variety

The “Lunar Harvest Original” juice flavor, by King of the Cloud, is the absolute favorite flavor of many vapers - and for good reason. This flavor offers a popping blueberry taste that will emulate the flavors of blueberries and cotton candy. There are also different variations of this flavor - “Lunar Harvest Black” and ‘Lunar Harvest Gold.” The “Black” variety substitutes blueberries for blackberries, while the “White” variation adds a touch of golden peach to the original blueberry flavor.

King of the Cloud also offers flavors such as “Canella Vanilla,” creating the taste of cinnamon, vanilla, and cake batter, topped off with a bit of caramel. Or try “Tempest Tides” which first tastes of pineapple, followed by a change to sweet grapefruit. Any of their diverse, unique flavors will please your customers!

Keep It 100 Variety

“Keep It 100” is a popular line of juice that offers a variety of sweet, flavorful liquids. Their “Mallow Man” juice will provide the sweet taste of a delicious sugar cookie topped with a melted, gooey marshmallow. Fans of the ever so popular pink-colored Starbursts will die for the “Pink Burst” juice. This flavor will taste just like the strawberry taffy that they will love! The “Krunchy Squares” liquid will create the taste of french toast crunch cereal in a bowl of milk. “Kiberry Killa” is a flavor that combines strawberries and kiwi, offering a simple but winning taste.

Their other three flavors: “Blue Slushie,” “Peachy Punch,” and “Strawberry Milk” are the perfect flavors to sell for summertime. Vapers can cool off with the refreshing strawberry and blue raspberry taste of “Blue Slushie,” or the strawberry milkshake-flavored “Strawberry Milk.” “Peachy Punch” emulates the sensation of drinking a summer blend of a mix of fruits including peaches, strawberries, apples, and mangoes.

Liquid State Variety

The Liquid State line of juice offers flavors based on foods local to different American states. The “Coney Cake” flavor tastes of the Brooklyn boardwalk favorite treat; a powdered sugar and vanilla ice cream topped soft cake that includes strawberries and blueberries. All of the flavors are packed into this juice! The Florida-themed “Orange Dream” tastes of an orange sherbert popsicle filled with vanilla cream. Washington state’s apples baked into a sweet pie can be tasted in the “Apple Butter” juice. “Cali Colada” will take you to the warm beaches of California, tasting the flavors of a cool Pina Colada. “Sweet Leaf” and “Passion Punch” will offer the taste of Georgia and Hawaii’s most popular fruits - a peach sweet tea taste in “Leaf” and a mix of passion fruit, pineapple, and dragon fruit in “Punch.”

Funnel Vision Variety

There are two variations of the popular Funnel Vision e juice. “Strawberry Funnel Cake” will taste just as it sounds - like a soft funnel cake that you’d find on the boardwalk, topped with juicy strawberries. “Funnel Cake A La Mode” is simply a funnel cake flavor - mixed with the taste of vanilla ice cream! Either flavor will be the perfect vape juice wholesale purchase to satisfy your customers’ sweet tooth.

Cosmic Fog Variety

Consider buying Cosmic Fog’s “Shocker” flavor. After starting with strawberries and tropical fruits, “Shocker” will then surprise your customers with a blast of citrus lemonade. The “Sonrise” flavor will be enjoyed by all - a taste of passion fruit, kiwi, and pineapple blended into one fruity flavor! Or perhaps you’ll buy “Kryptonite,” which is another favorite. This flavor pairs a sweet, refreshing melon taste with your favorite candies. Other Cosmic Fog flavors include “Nutz” - a strawberry and almond butter mix, and “Milk and Honey,” whose name says it all.

Mod Milk Variety

All of the flavors in the Mod Milk line start with a creamy milk base flavor. Then, a completely different flavor is paired with it to create a smooth, rich taste. The “Chocolate Milky Temptation” flavor will taste of a rich glass of chocolate milk! A classic drink loved by many. The other flavors are fruity, including tastes of lime, strawberry, blue raspberry, orange, and grape. Your customers will enjoy each and every milky flavor.

Get Shopping!

With such a large variety of delicious flavors available to offer to your clients, it can be hard to find the best flavors. Now you should have an idea of which lines to purchase from. Your customers will love each flavor detailed in this article! If you aren’t a member with Kingdom Vapor, join today for access to the best vape juice wholesale prices and start shopping these flavors as well as many more!

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