Ferrum City E-Liquid 120ml

Ferrum City E-Liquid

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Ferrum City E-Liquid 120ml:


Blue Fish - A delightful mix of red gummy candies in the shape of a fish and blue raspberry
Cereal 11 - A classic cereal bar filled with delicious strawberries and mixed berries
Mango Rush - Fresh, juicy and ripe Mango
Maui POG - Exotic passionfruit, citrusy orange, and tart guava
Orange Cream Bar - Citrusy orange, balanced perfectly with a light vanilla cream
Peanut Butter Blast - Smooth and creamy peanut butter
Poured - Carnival style funnel cake topped with cinnamon and sugar then smothered in vanilla whipped cream
Smelted - Vanilla bean ice cream mixed with praline and caramel, topped with sweet brown sugar
Torched - Fire-roasted marshmallows sandwiched between oven fresh sugar cookies
The Quickness - Simply delicious strawberry milk
Forged - An exquisite mixture of caramel, custard, and butterscotch