Hyde X Pod Juice TF E-Liquid (100ml)

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    • Hyde X Pod Juice TF E-Liquid (100ml):
      Two kings of the industry collaborate to deliver high quality, tobacco free e-liquid.

      Aloe Berry Grape FREEZE -
      Smooth aloe with mixed berries
      Blue Razz Cotton Carnival -
      Sweet and fluffy, blue raspberry cotton candy
      Blue Razz Pop FREEZE -
      Sweet and sour blue raspberry lollipop
      Lemon Bar -
      Well balanced desert, with sweet cake and hints of citrus lemon
      Pear Peach FREEZE -
      Sweet peach and ripe pear, with a kick of menthol
      Pink Burst Chew - Sweet and chewy pink candy

      Pink Lemonade - Refreshing and tart pink lemonade
      Pink Lemonade FREEZE -
      Refreshing and tart pink lemonade, with a kick of menthol

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