Luto XL 1800 Disposable - 200pc Display

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    • Luto XL 1800 Disposable - 200pc Display:
      A plastic display loaded with 200 Luto EXTRA 1800 puff disposables. With 20 flavors, and 10 disposables of each flavor, this display is sure to be a hit in any smoke shop.


      Cotton Candy: Sweet fluffy candy
      Cool Mint: 
      Refreshing menthol mint
      Blueberry Ice:
      Fresh picked blueberry with a menthol exhale
      Banana Mango Lush:
      Curious combination of ripe banana and exotic mango
      Banana Ice:
       Ripe banana with a menthol exhale
      Pineapple Ice: 
      Ripe and juicy pineapple with a menthol exhale
      Orange Pineapple Mango:
      Perfect tropical fruit blend
      Mango Ice Cream: 
      Exotic mango with a smooth ice cream
      Lush Ice: 
      Luscious and juicy watermelon blend, with a menthol exhale
      Guava Ice: 
      Tart exotic guava, with a menthol exhale
      Strawberry Ice: 
      Perfectly ripe strawberry with a menthol exhale
      Strawberry Banana Ice: 
      Classic blend of strawberry and banana
      Strawberry Apple Ice: 
      Succulent strawberry and tart apple, with a menthol exhale
      Red Bull Ice:
      Citrus soda just like your favorite energy drink
      Pink Lemonade:
      Citrusy and sweet pink lemonade
      Watermelon Bubble Gum: 
      Soft and chewy watermelon bubble gum
      Watermelon Ice: 
      Juicy sweet watermelon with a menthol exhale 
      Vanilla Ice Cream:
       Smooth and creamy banana ice cream
      Skittles Candy: 
      Sweet nostalgic candy
      Strawberry Watermelon Ice: Succulent strawberry and watermelon with a menthol exhale


      6ml of 50mg salt Nicotine e-liquid
      rated for 1800 puffs

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