Simply Fruits E-Liquid (60ml)

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    • Simply Fruits E-Liquid (60ml):


      Pure and simple, Grapemelon combines the refreshing sweetness of summer watermelon with the tannic complexity of grapes. Our Simply Fruits line features nothing but fruit flavors, but make no mistake -- this one has everything you could want in an all-day vape.


      To create Raspeary, we worked hard to find the fruit flavor that could be the perfect foil for a juicy pear. When we discovered how nicely the tart flavor of raspberry intermingles with the wholesome sweetness of pear, we knew we had a winner.


      Strawnana captures the flavor of everyone's favorite type of fruit smoothie. The creamy banana offsets the sour edge of the strawberry to create a deceptively complex flavor profile that reveals something new to you with each puff.

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