Something E-Liquid (2 X 60ml)

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    • Something E-Liquid (2 X 60ml):
      We’ve all heard it: “I’m looking for something fruity.” “I need something different.” “Got anything desserty?” or “I just need something sweet.” We all have our answers to these vague requests, but never before has there been such a clear and concise answer. Something E-liquid provides a flavor for every vaper, and their names reflect exactly who each flavor is intended for. No more searching through the shelves to find the best option for each individual: Something E-liquid tells you what you’re getting before you even open the bottle.


      Something Different - A chilled blend of blueberries, strawberries, and watermelon.
      Something Desserty - A fluffy raspberry macaroon stuffed with a chocolate buttercream whip.
      Something Fruity - A tropical blend of oranges, passion fruit, and guava.
      Something Sweet - A soft and chewy strawberry candy

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