The Salty One Load-In Special

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    • The Salty One Load-In Special:

      For a limited time, save yourself over $70 with this special load in deal with 30 bottles of juice! 5 bottles of every flavor in both strengths! 


      Sweet and Sour Apple Berry - Sweet apples mix with tart berries for a sweet and sour mix.

      Strawberry - The One E-liquid to rule them all! A delicious frosted donut cereal covered in strawberry milk.

      Apple - An apple cereal blended with a fresh donut and milk, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon.


      • 5 x Sweet and Sour Apple Berry - 30mg
      • 5 x Sweet and Sour Apple Berry - 50mg
      • 5 x Strawberry - 30mg
      • 5 x Strawberry - 50mg
      • 5 x Apple - 30mg
      • 5 x Apple - 50mg
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