About Us

The Mission:

Our mission at Kingdom Vapor is to provide our customers with the largest inventory of quality vapor products and to provide high-quality service and support. Our experience in vape shop wholesale extends beyond the service end; our company started on the buying end as we entered the industry as a retail store and our policies as a vapor products wholesaler were shaped by our experiences as a retailer. Over the last several years we have had great experiences in the vaping industry and these experiences have shaped our policies and practices. Here at Kingdom Vapor, we understand that our success hinges on the success of our customer’s retail operations and we work to ensure constant growth so that we can provide these customers with better service and products in the future.

What Kingdom Vapor is about:

Since 2012, Kingdom Vapor Wholesale has been providing premium wholesale vapor products to vape shops, traditional tobacco shops, and online retailers across the country. Our knowledgeable sales representatives are experienced in working with shops both new and established. With their exposure to the ever-changing vaping industry, we can ensure that they will be ready and willing to help you, as a vape shop owner, keep up with the ever changing trends. As customers and vapor enthusiasts ourselves, we thoroughly test each and every product before it is added to our catalog. Our rigorous testing practices help us to provide only the best products from the industry’s top manufacturers.

We want your business to succeed and we understand the woes of bringing on new or unfamiliar products, so we do not require any Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) on your orders. You know your area better than anyone. You know what products are going to sell quickly, and you know how many you’ll need before reordering. This means that you’ll choose the products that are going to perform best in your shop and purchase the quantity that you’ll need and no more. Kingdom Vapor has been a part of the industry for years and has experience with the trends and dynamics. We work to provide you with the best possible products at the best possible price and we’ve got the information and experience to help you make the tough decisions. Join the Kingdom Vapor Family today, whether you are interested in opening a vapor shop or you’re looking for a stateside electronic cigarette wholesale supplier, we’re the right one for you.

Keeping up with Mods:

The mod market is always fluctuating with new technologies and more advanced products being introduced almost daily, so it is important that you work with a wholesale vaping supply company that keeps up with the changing trends. Since opening our doors, we have seen many new technologies come in to the mod market: We watched as temperature control was introduced and it has now become a standard on most regulated mods, as has reverse battery protection, high voltage protection, and short circuit protection. Looking back to years prior, these technologies and features were either not standard or had not been invented. So how do you as a vape shop keep up with all of these new technologies? The answer is to pick a wholesale company that is experienced with the changes in technology and constantly tests mods that are new on the market to see if the new technologies are actually functioning properly and ensure that new devices will hold up under heavy daily use. Kingdom Vapor sees a constant stream of sample mods that our wholesale representatives will test for several weeks before reporting back to their supervisor with the pros and the cons of the device that they have been testing. Through this testing, we determine the mods with the best staying power and identify the devices that are worth stocking. This helps us to build a catalog of higher quality devices that provide your customers with a more satisfying experience and more reliable product. Rather than buying blind from other wholesalers who will only pick up the products they think will sell without any real world testing. Some of our current favorite mods are the Vandy Vape Jackaroo kit with its waterproof design and rugged feel, the iJoy Shogun UNIV with its beautiful resin panels and incredibly capable UNIV chipset, and the Lost Vape Orion pod system with variable wattage and “Replay Mode” temperature control.