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Welcome to Kingdom Vapor! We're your one-stop shop for all your wholesale vapor product needs. We started Kingdom Vapor in our hometown of Clarion in Western Pennsylvania back in 2012 when we noticed that our local shops never had the newest products we wanted to try. As a company founded and made up by people who love to vape, our mission is to provide wholesale vape supplies with the same level of quality and service that we would want ourselves. That's why we personally test all of the products we sell. If we sell it, you know that we've vetted and approved it. After all, why would you want to buy wholesale e-liquid you wouldn't vape yourself? All of the products we carry are high-quality and reliable.

We love vaping, and we want to see the hobby continue to grow. It's why we employ experienced sales representatives who live and breathe (no pun intended) vaping. They know about the latest products and trends because they are interested in it themselves. We try to make things as easy as possible for vape shop owners, which is why we decided our company would have no minimum order quantities (MOQ). Not sure if you're willing to commit to a huge order of a new tank or mod? Don't worry! With us, problems like these are a thing of the past. Order what you need, see what sells, and come back to us when you need more!

When you buy wholesale vapor products, you need to be sure you are buying from a reputable supplier and are getting exactly what you paid for. It’s just what you β€” and all vapers out there β€” deserve.