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Ordering Our Vapor Liquid Wholesale Products

Jul 20th 2021

While a large portion of the vape market involves mods, atomizers, and other components that are used to build vapes, vape juice is just as important. After all, you can't vape without some juice in … read more

A Look at Some of Our Latest Vape Wholesale Products

Jun 8th 2021

Here at Kingdom Vapor, we are constantly working to make sure that we always have the high quality vape wholesale products in stock that our customers need for their vape shops. As vape sh … read more

Choosing SMOK Pod Systems for Your Shop

Apr 26th 2021

In recent years, more and more traditional vapers have been making the transition to using pod based vape systems. Pod vaporizers are incredibly convenient and there are plenty of brands rushing to … read more

The Evolution of Pod Mods

Apr 6th 2021

Ever since the first pod vapes hit the market in 2015, these little devices have completely changed the vape industry. While traditional box mod and atomizer style vaporizers will always remain the … read more