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Kingdom Vapor for Smok Wholesale

Feb 11th 2019

Running a vape shop and being at the forefront of such a continuously changing market with new trends, mods, and flavors presenting themselves seemingly on a weekly basis, you’ve come across Smok prod … read more

What accessories do you need?

Posted by JDH on Nov 13th 2018

Accessories are probably the most broad category in our catalogue, encompassing everything from batteries to bits and bobs for fixing broken tanks. The benefits of carrying the right accessories are t … read more

Where to look for your Dry Herb and Concentrate Needs?

Posted by Jordan Hufnagel on Nov 12th 2018

Dry Herb and Concentrate vaporization has been on the rise for years, growing alongside the E-liquid vaporization market. Dry Herb Vaporization, at its core, refers to a method of heating tobacco or o … read more