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Does Your Shop Need Disposable Vape Pens?

Jul 28th 2020

For years, vaping was dominated by large vape rigs that were designed to produce massive clouds of vapor. This all changed in 2015 when Pax Labs developed the Juul pod vape system. These compact va … read more

We Offer More Than Just Wholesale Vapor Products

Jul 25th 2020

The vapor industry is constantly changing and vape shops have to change with it. One way to expand your customer base is to offer more than just vaping gear in your shop, which is why you’ll f … read more

Enjoy The Convenience Of Pod Mods

Jun 2nd 2020

Everyone has their own vaporizer preferences. In recent years, the pod based vape system has soared in popularity. These vaporizers changed the vaping scene by creating the best entry level devic … read more

We Have Disposable E Cigs For Your Shop

Apr 20th 2020

For a few years, the latest trend in the vape industry has been pod systems like the Juul which used pre-filled disposable pods. These systems offered users incredible convenience, but the recent flav … read more

Get Puff Bar Disposables And Other Popular Vapes Here

Apr 20th 2020

One of the fastest growing trends in vaping is the disposable vape pen. Since the flavor ban removed pre-filled vape pods from store shelves, these little vapes have become one of the most popular opt … read more