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Look No Farther than Kingdom Vapor for Wholesale Vape Supplies

Aug 19th 2019

The practical and efficient operation of a vape shop necessitates the advocacy and partnership of a wholesale supplier worth its salt. There are the responsibilities that are intrinsic to business its … read more

Regarding PA's Stance on 40% Shipping Tax...

Posted by JDH on Jun 10th 2019

In case you were not aware, there have been some recent developments regarding PA’s 40% wholesale tax on vapor products. In a letter addressed to a PA shop owner, the Department of Revenue issued the … read more

Manufacturer Spotlight: Sikary Vapor

Posted by JDH on May 22nd 2019

You’ve surely read up on all of the industry-acclaimed manufacturers out there. Smok, Aspire, Lost Vape, Wotofo, and Kanger are some that may ring a bell, and many of the aforementioned companies have … read more