Juice Head E-Liquid (100ml)

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    • Juice Head E-Liquid (100ml)

      Blueberry Lemon: Sweet blueberries, with a zesty lemon exhale
      Guava Peach: Tart Asian guava, combined with a perfect ripe peach
      Mango Strawberry: Exotic mango, with a sweet strawberry finish
      Orange Mango: Tangy orange, with sweet, exotic mango
      Peach Pear: Sweet ripe peach, blended with a crisp pear exhale
      Pineapple Grapefruit: Fresh ripe pineapple, with a breeze of sweet grapefruit
      Pineapple Guava: Fresh ripe pineapple, with exotic mango
      Strawberry Kiwi: Perfectly sweet strawberry, paired with the bite of a tart kiwi
      Watermelon Lime: Refreshing watermelon, that ties together extravagantly with the slight zing of sour lime

      Flavors labeled (TFN) utilize Tobacco Free Nicotine and Flavors labeled (ZTN) utilize Zero Tobacco Nicotine.

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