Pod Juice - Tobacco Free E-Liquid - 100ml

Pod Juice

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Pod Juice - Tobacco Free E-Liquid - 100ml:
An exceptional collection of tastey flavors, from the industry giant: Pod Juice!

Blue Razz Jam -
Sweet and buttery blue raspberry jam
Blue Razz Lemonade -
Sweet blue raspberry, paired with tart lemonade
Blue Razz Slushy -
Icy cold blue raspberry slushy
Cotton Carnival -
Wispy cotton candy
Golden Custard -
Rich caramel custard
Jewel Mint -
Mild and sweet mint
Mango Strawberry Dragonfruit -
Delicious combination of exotic fruits
Strawberry Apple Watermelon -
Ripe Strawberry, juicy watermelon and crisp apple
Strawberry Kiwi Pomberry -
Ripe strawberry, tart kiwi, and exotic pomegranate