Pod Juice TF Salt E-Liquid - 30ml

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    • Pod Juice TF Salt E-Liquid - 30ml:
      Tobacco Free Nicotine from the popular brand: Pod Juice. A perfect match for any pod device to give you a smooth yet satisfying vape


      Banana ICE - Simple banana candy layered with a refreshing menthol
      Blueberry Muffin - 
      Warm flakey muffin scattered with notes of fresh blueberry
      Blue Razz Slushy - Sweet and chilly blue raspberry slushy
      Churros - Star shapes sweet pastry, with notes of cinnamon and a sugar coating
      Cookies and Cream - Just like the sweet treat with chocolate cookies and crème filling (goes well with milk)
      Cotton Carnival - Fluffy and wispy sweet carnival candy
      Energy - A delicious imitation of your favorite energy drink
      Graham Cracker - Sweet cinnamon sugar coated cracker
      Hawaiian Pod - Exotic pineapple, orange and guava

      Jewel Mint Sapphire - 
      Jewel Mint's super cool frost with a boost in sweet minty flavor
      Jewel Mint Lush ICE - Decedent, sweet watermelon paired with a kick of sweet mint
      Jewel Mint Diamond - Mildly sweet mint with a huge kick of menthol
      Jewel Mango - Mild, sweet mango 
      Jewel Mango ICE - 
      Mild, sweet mango, with a refreshing kick of menthol
      Jolly Blue Razz - A blue raspberry chew with tangy and sweet notes, delicious with every puff

      Lemon Sugar Cookie - 
      Zesty lemon cookie topped with a sugary coating
      Pink Burst - Sweet candied strawberries mix with tart notes, making a delicious strawberry medley
      Strawberry Banana ICE - Banana candy paired with ripe strawberry and layered with a refreshing menthol
      Strawberry Ice Cream - 
      Decedent and creamy strawberry frozen desert

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