Juice Head FREEZE Salt E-Liquid (30ml)

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    • Juice Head FREEZE Salt E-Liquid (30ml):

      Blueberry Lemon FREEZE: 
      Sweet blueberries, with a zesty lemon exhale
      Guava Peach FREEZE: Tart Asian guava, combined with a perfect ripe peach
      Mango Strawberry FREEZE: Exotic mango, with a sweet strawberry finish
      Orange Mango FREEZETangy orange, with sweet, exotic mango
      Peach Pear FREEZESweet ripe peach, blended with a crisp pear exhale
      Pineapple Grapefruit FREEZEFresh ripe pineapple, with a breeze of sweet grapefruit
      Pineapple Guava FREEZE: Fresh ripe pineapple, with exotic mango
      Strawberry Kiwi FREEZEPerfectly sweet strawberry, paired with the bite of a tart kiwi
      Watermelon Lime FREEZERefreshing watermelon, that ties together extravagantly with the slight zing of sour lime

      Flavors labeled (TFN) utilize Tobacco Free Nicotine and flavors labeled (ZTN) utilize Zero Tobacco Nicotine. Both nicotine's aim to deliver a smoother sensation and tend to be less intrusive to flavor.

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