Bad SALT E-Liquid (30ml)

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    • Bad SALT E-Liquid (30ml):


      Ugly Butter - Light and fluffy dough flavored blend
      Sweet Tooth - Cotton candy with a delicious raspberry flavoring.
      Pennywise Iced Out - Juicy watermelon and strawberry with a sugary chewy bubblegum, all with a kick of menthol
      Pennywise -  Juicy watermelon and strawberry with a sugary chewy bubblegum
      Laffy - Delicious fruity blend of blueberry and grape flavors into a taffy candy
      God Nectar - Exotic passion fruit, Floridian oranges, and Colombian guava
      Farley's Gnarly Sauce - Gummies, candy, peach, and pear
      Drooly - Delicious jawbreaker hard candy, with grape and mixed berries
      Don't Care Bear - Chewy gummy bear flavor blend
      Cereal Trip - Fruity cereal mixed milk and donuts

      Bad Blood - Pomegranate, vanilla, blueberry
      Bad Apple - Ripe red apples and Granny Smith apples

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