Cloud Nurdz TFN E-Liquid 100ml

Cloud Nurdz

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Cloud Nurdz TFN E-Liquid 100ml:
Cloud Nurdz ventures into the realm of Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN). TFN gives users a smoother vaping experience, and provides a cleaner taste than traditional e-liquid.


Aloe Mango: Sweet mango gets balanced with a hint of aloe, delivering a smooth, refreshing flavor
Apple Grape: Candy grape pleasantly combines with a tart green apple
Apple Watermelon: A sweet and mild burst of juicy watermelon and crisp apple

Blue Raspberry Lemon:
A delicious blend of sweet blue raspberry candy and tart lemon
Blue Raspberry Peach: Ripe peach combined with a pleasant candy blue raspberry
Melon Kiwi: Zesty kiwi blended flawlessly with juicy melon mix

Sour Watermelon Strawberry: Ripe Watermelon and sweet strawberry combined with a sour candy base
Strawberry Grape: Candy Grape with hints of ripe strawberry
Strawberry Lemon: A delicious balance of sweet strawberry and tart lemon

Strawberry Mango: Juicy strawberry blended seamlessly with a succulent mango
Watermelon Berry: Juicy watermelon and sweet ripe berry