Hohm Tech - Onyx Ohm 2A USB-C Charger

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    • Hohm Tech - Onyx Ohm 2A USB-C Charger
      ONYX OHM is utilizing the same speedy output power of Hohm SCHOOL 2 (2A combined) but is equipped with the upgraded USB-C input. This powerful 2 bay charger is equipped with the safety features that you are to expect from Hohm Tech. Along with that the Interface on the charger shows the real world status of your batteries giving you an accurate idea of the charging level.


      USB Type-C Powered
      Real-Time and Real World Charge Status

      PCB/PCM Cell Compatible
      Low-Voltage Preconditioning
      Charge Rate: 2A combined (1A each slot)
      Battery Size Compatibility: 34 – 73mm
      Compatible Chemistry:  Li-ion (3.6V / 3.7V)

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