OOZE Smart Battery 650mAh


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OOZE Smart Battery 650mAh
The Ooze Smart Battery is the new and improved version of the original Ooze Standard Battery! These 650 mAh batteries have been revamped with a new digital screen for better device control and now feature 5 different voltage levels. Each battery comes with an Ooze Smart USB Charger and has a type-C charging port on the bottom. Now packaged in individual boxes, the Smart Battery comes in 8 colors.

New Digital Screen
Flex Temp (2.0V / 2.5V / 3.0V / 3.5V / 4.0V)
Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Battery Life Indicator (Click 4x)
Prep mode (Click 2x)
Auto Shut-Off
Smart USB Charger Included
Type-C Charge Port (Cable Sold Separate)