Sub Ohm

Sub Ohm Tank Wholesale Products for Advanced Vaping

Sub ohm vaping began due to e-cig users wanting better performance, vapor, and flavor out of their devices. Sub ohm vaping uses lower resistance to achieve more vapor and faster heat up times. For former heavy tobacco smokers, they use up their e-liquid faster trying to get enough to satisfy their cravings when using a traditional e-cig. When sub ohm vaping hit the e-cig scene, more and more people began to realize its benefits for creating a more satisfying vapor.

It’s All About the Resistance

Sub ohm vaping means you are lowering the amount of resistance, which creates greater power. When you have more power to the atomizer, you get more vapor and more nicotine at one time. We have the additional sub ohm tanks you need for your vape shop, all at wholesale prices you can afford.

Pay Attention to Your Batteries and E-Juices When Sub Ohm Vaping

Be advised that the lower resistance you have, the greater power is drawn from your batteries. Therefore it’s important to supply specific batteries for sub ohm vaping. The more power being used, the more e-liquid is used up as well. Contact us at today at (814) 227-2280 to learn more about our sub ohm tank wholesale supplies.