Keep it 100 E-Liquid

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4/2/91 (Formerly Shake) -
Rich, moist and dense vanilla cake layered with sweet ice cream
B.A.L (Formerly Berry Au Lait) - A deliciously creamy milkshake blended with sweet vanilla ice cream, tart strawberries, and creamy milk.
Blue (Formerly OG Blue) - Mixed berry blend that will remind you of your favorite blue frozen drink.
Blue ICE (Formerly OG Blue ICE) - Mixed berry blend with a kick of menthol.
Dew Drop - Lemon and lime mixture with the distinct dew soda
Dew Drop ICE - Lemon and lime mixture with a menthol kick
Foster - Sweet bananas enhanced with sweet cinnamon sugar and a dash of vanilla to uplift the taste buds.
FTC (Formerly OG Krunch) - Warm french toast crisps sprinkled with sweet, mouthwatering cinnamon sugar!
Fusion (Formerly OG Island Fusion) - Tropical blend of sweet strawberries balanced with a hint of tart kiwi.
Maui (Formerly Maui Blast) - Sweet guava with an exhale of apple, watermelon, lychee, raspberry
Mlow (Formerly Mallow) - Warm, chewy sugar cookies smothered in a fluffy marshmallow spread!
Orchard (Formerly OG Orchard) - Peach, Strawberry, Apple, and Mango combine into one epic all day vape!
Pink - Juicy strawberry and lip smacking taffy that is sure to have you reaching for more!
Purple - A delicious grape drink
Purple ICE - A delicious grape drink with cool menthol
Summer Blue (Formerly OG Summer Blue) - Strawberry, blue raspberries, and lemonade blended to create this blue slushie lemonade!
Summer Dew Drop - A delicious lemonade honeydew melon concoction!
Trop Blue (Formerly OG Tropical Blue) - A Tropical mixture of Peach, Papaya, Pineapple and Mango.