Noms Freenoms TFN 120ml

Nomenon E-Liquids

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Noms Freenoms TFN 120ml:
Noms E-liquid now with tobacco free nicotine and more interesting flavors!

Arctic Wintergreen Freeze:
 Incredibly cold and refreshing mint menthol blast
Blueberry Yogurt Strawberry Kiwi: Sweet blueberry yogurt, blended with ripe strawberry and kiwi
Dragon Fruit Strawberry Cream: Exotic Dragon Fruit with a smooth strawberry cream

ICY Green Apple Strawberry Kiwi: Cool blend of ripe green apple, strawberry, and kiwi
Lychee Chery Blossom Raspberry: Sophisticated blend of sweet lychee, tart raspberry and cherry
Pear Green Apple Peach: Delicious cocktail of ripe pear, crisp green apple, and succulent peach
Tobacco Caramel Vanilla: Sweet combination of rich, warm flavor