Twist Salts E-liquid (2x30ml)

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    • Twist Salts E-liquid (2x30ml):
      Twist Salts packages some of your favorite Twist flavors in 30ml bottles with salt nicotine. In bringing Twist E-liquid to your pods, Twist packages two 30ml bottles in each box so you won't run out of your favorites. 


      Red No. 1 - Formerly Watermelon Madness - A Sweet Summer Watermelon.
      Pink No. 1 - Formerly Pink Punch Lemonade -
      A classic pink lemonade drink.
      Green No. 1 - Formerly Honeydew Melon Chew -
      A Juicy Honeydew Melon Chewy Candy.
      Purple No. 1 - Formerly Berry Medley Lemonade -
      A fusion of ripened blueberries steeped in freshly squeezed lemonade.
      Pink No. 0 - Formerly ICED Pink Punch Lemonade -
      The award winning Pink Punch Lemonade with an icy twist!
      Blend No. 1 - Formerly Tropical Pucker Punch - A Delicious Blend Of Exotic Fruits
      Purple Grape - Formerly Grape Berry Mix - A delectable blend of mixed berries and vine-ripened grapes

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